Privacy Policy

1) Introduction

ALG Websites Ltd (“ALG Websites”, “we”, “us”) gather and use certain information about individuals (“you”, “your”, “customer”, “customers”) in order to provide products and services and to enable certain functions on this website.

We also collect information to better understand how visitors use this website and to present timely, relevant information to them.


2) Usage

Any personal information provided by a customer or obtained by a customer’s use on any of our websites or services is used exclusively by ALG Websites. No personal data is sold or given onto any external agencies unless any of the following occur:

  • If false or inaccurate (personal or payment) details are provided and fraud is detected and identified, details will be recorded and passed onto fraud prevention agencies.
  • If we are required to by courts, law enforcement agencies or other statutory bodies who are legally empowered to access or request information.

3) Data Information, Correction & Deletion

Customers have the right to know about their personal information ALG Websites holds about them. Customers also have the right to have their personal information corrected and deleted if it is incorrect.

Please send any requests concerning information, corrections or deletions by post to the data protection officer at registered company address, giving us your name and contact address. Under the UK Data Protection Act 1998, you have the right to access any personal data that we hold relating to you.

We reserve the right to charge a fee of £10 (GBP) to cover costs incurred by us in providing you with the personal data.

Please note that your right to have data deleted may be restricted by statutory retention obligations which we must observe. In addition, courts, law enforcement agencies and other statutory bodies may be legally empowered to access data or request information.


4) Cookies

4.1 What are Cookies?

This website uses cookies to collect information. Cookies are small data files which are placed on your computer or other mobile or handheld device (such as smart ‘phones or ‘tablets’) as you browse this website. They are used to ‘remember’ when your computer or device accesses this website. The cookies are essential to the effective operation of our website and to enable to you shop with us online. Cookies are also used to tailor the products and services offered and advertised to our customers, both on this website and elsewhere.

4.2 Information Collected

Some cookies collect information about browsing and purchasing behaviour by people who access this website via the same computer or device. This includes information about pages viewed, products purchased and the customer journey around a website.

We do not, however, use cookies to collect or record information on users’ name, address or other contact details. ALG Websites is able to use cookies to monitor individual customer browsing and purchasing behaviour but third parties are not able to identify customers using cookies.

4.3 Who Sets the Cookies?

The cookies stored on your computer or other devices when you access this website are set by ALG Websites. We also use Google Analytics to help improve our website experience; they will also set cookies on our behalf. The link below will provide you with the Google Analytics privacy policy and cookie:

4.4 What are Cookies Used For?

The main purposes for which cookies are used are:

  • For the technical purposes that are essential to the effective operation of a website, particularly in relation to online transactions.
  • To enable ALG Websites to collect information about the browsing and shopping habits and activities of customers, including to monitor the success of campaigns, competitions etc.
4.5 How Do I disable Cookies?

If you want to disable cookies you need to change your website browser settings to reject cookies. How to do this will depend on the browser you use – please refer to your browser’s documentation for further information.

Google Chrome –
Mozilla Firefox –
Internet Explorer –

4.6 What happens if I Disable Cookies?

This depends on which cookies you disable, but in general the site may not operate properly if cookies are switched off. If you only disable 3rd party cookies you will not be prevented from making purchases on this site. If you disable all cookies you will be unable to complete a purchase on this site.

Last Reviewed and Updated: 24/03/2018. Next Review: 24/03/2019.

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