Bespoke Website Design

With more and more people shopping online, now, more than ever, having a web presence can be invaluable to any business or organisation. When you choose ALG Websites for your website design, your site will be created unique to you, your needs and requirements.

We also use the latest technology, meet all coding standards and, unlike other companies, we optimise your website for search engines, speed and mobile devices at no extra cost!

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Are you on a budget and looking for a small business design service? Check out our Small Business Website Design service!

Our Process

  • 1. Analysis

    The first step is always about information gathering – identifying things like the website purpose, goals and target audience.

  • 2. Planning

    A plan includes a definition of the sitemap, structure and technologies that we’re about to use.

  • 3. Design

    Not only do we focus on wireframe models and the visual style in this stage, but also on the usability of the user interface for the best possible user experience.

  • 4. Content

    An essential part of the process is choosing the right text, photos and videos – all optimised not only for your visitors but also for search engines.

  • 5. Development

    Here we create the website using the HTML and CSS with some help from databases and other technologies as well. By default, we’ll build your website to be responsive, so it’ll work on all devices!

  • 6. Testing

    We test all the technical features, like code and scripts, compatibility with major browsers, but also we ask ourselves if the website really fulfils its purpose.

  • 7. Deployment

    After we launch the site, our job is definitely not done yet! We always monitor what’s happening from the start, enabling us to fix any possible deficiencies. And if you want, we can also manage the future maintenance and updates for you.

Easy Site Management with a CMS

A CMS (Content Management System) is included with all of our bespoke websites; this allows you to add, edit and remove content whenever you like.

We use WordPress, a powerful open-source CMS but we know every project is unique so we can develop your site with an alternative CMS (such as Drupal or Joomla) or even without one if you prefer.

Website Design in Croydon - CMS

30% Discount on Logo Design

Your logo is one of the most critical aspects of your business; it’s your first impression. That’s why having the right company logo is so important. It also appears on your website, business cards, stationery and adverts.

Your logo can do wonders for your business if it is designed right and a competitive edge is one of them.

If you purchase our website design services, you will receive a 30% discount on our logo design services!

Website Design - Logo Example 1
Website Design - Logo Example 2
Logo Design 5 Unique Design Concepts, 5 Working Day Turnaround, Unlimited Revisions, 100% Money Back Guarantee


113 GBP


  • 5 Unique Design Concepts
  • 5 Working Day Turnaround
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Free Domain & Website Hosting

Your website needs to be hosted on a secure server to allow people to view it online; it also needs a domain name to point to the servers IP address. Upon starting work on your website we will register a, .net, .biz, or .com domain name for you. If you already have a domain name, we can renew it for you free of charge instead.

To save you the hassle of setting a server with the correct software, network and security configurations we provide website hosting which uses cPanel, an easy to use control panel. Once your website is ready to launch, you’ll be able to claim a year of free website hosting on our Senior plan. You will be eligible for a discounted hosting plan should you wish to continue hosting with us after the first year.

We are also able to accommodate customers requiring dedicated servers to host their websites. Please let us know about this requirement, and we will arrange a discounted dedicated server.

Web Hosting 15GB Disk Space, 100GB Bandwidth, 3 Hosted Domains, Unlimited Subdomains, Unlimited Databases, Unlimited Email Accounts, Free* Domain Name, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee**, Instant Setup


0.00 GBP


  • 15GB Disk Space
  • 100GB Bandwidth
  • 3 Hosted Domains
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited Email Accounts

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