Maureen Hooley – Website Application Development

Many years ago I used Cameron (ALG websites) for a small website for a business I ran and I decided to use him (his company) again. This time it was for a personal website used by my family and myself to share photos, videos and discussions. It was worth each and every penny.

As a previous customer I got a slight discount which came in really handy. The amount I was quoted changed slightly but this was down to me wanting more complicated things adding which is understandable as it took longer to create them. I also got free updates and one to one, face to face support free for six months instead of three months which was nice to have.

This website was built for me in March last year and is regularly updated with new features and improvements I have a large family and a lot of members use it so I would expect it to be slower but no, ALG websites constantly impresses me with improvements. We all contribute to cost of storage space, we use a lot and the pricing is extremely reasonable.

It’s great to use on my iPad and my computer and phone, all the layout changes depending on the device I am using which is something I really like and wasn’t expecting to find so useful. I was in regular communication with Cameron and the designer (I forget his name!) from start to finish and even afterwards I was able to give my opinion about features and progress made.

I use my iPad a lot but my other family members aren’t too familiar with technology. Because of this I asked for a simple how-to guide to be created for my family members. What I received was above and beyond what I asked for and is ten times better than what I asked for. An online getting started tour had been created so when my family members first logged in they would get a tour of all the features and how to use them, some video guides and the getting started guide.

I would’ve left a review earlier if I new about this website having read through the others on this website I am glad to see they are similar to mine and I am glad I am able to do my bit to help ALG Websites.

The only reason I gave a 4* review for payment was because at the time the PayPal part of their website was not accepting my payment and the message wasn’t great it would’ve been nice if the message on the PayPal website was clearer. I still use PayPal with their website to pay my invoices and the issue has been fixed.

If I ever need a new website built or know someone who needs someone one I will send them to ALG websites, I hope this review and the reviews by others helps you make up your mind if you are still in doubt.

Sorry for such a long review but when it comes to things like this I like to take time writing especially when its for a small business!!

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