Password Generator

Password Generator

Our random password generator tool allows you to create a number of completely unique random passwords!

You can define the number of passwords generated and the length of your passwords. We never store any of the generated passwords on our server and like the rest of our site, the content is securely transmitted over SSL.

All of the generated passwords contain at least one numbertwo uppercase letters and one special character (‘@%+!’-/#$^?:,(){}[]~-_). We also require a minimum password length of 8 characters. This is because nowadays it’s fairly easy for computers to crack passwords. If your password was password it would be cracked instantly. If it was pass_word it would take two hours*!

We recommend a minimum password length of 12 characters. According to How Secure Is My Password, a password of this length, generated on our website would take 415 Million Years* to crack! The higher the length of your password and the more complex it is, the longer it’ll take to crack.

729 passwords generated since 1st September 2017!

* Source: – All figures correct at the time of writing (December 2016).


Choose your desired number of passwords and password length.

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