What to Think About When Having Your Logo Designed in 2018

Your logo is an incredibly important part of your business and your branding, and getting it right can’t be rushed. While you could re-brand if you get it wrong, that’s a lot of work and expense, so the more you prepare and consider what you want and how your logo will reflect your business, the more chance you have of getting the right logo from your designer.

So, what do you need to consider?

1. ‘Who’ is your business?

That might seem an odd way of putting it, but your business is about a lot more than just what you do. If businesses in the same field weren’t all different in personality, people would just pick one out of a hat instead of using their emotions to choose the one that feels right to them.

Things to think about:

– What is your culture like? Relaxed or corporate and strict?

– Do you provide extra activities for your staff, like a work gym, relaxation area, and coffee shop? What about extras like Tai Chi classes in the mornings or a weekly massage at their desk?

– Does your company give to charity, and if so, which one?

– What are your business goals?

Why do those things matter? They matter because they give your designer an idea of the personality of your business, and they can use that in your design.

2. What is your unique selling point?

What is it that sets your business apart from everyone else who offers your product or service?

This is a continuation, in a way, of the question above, as it helps your designer understand more of the personality of your business, as well as what makes you unique. With that in mind, they are more likely to be able to come up with a logo that reflects your business.

3. Your company brand

This is the whole look and feel of your business. Your logo is a part of it, and quite often companies tend to produce their logo first, and then think about their brand. But, you’ll get better results for your logo, website and your marketing materials if you establish your brand first.

How do you want your customers and the general public to feel about your company? What sort of impression do you want to create? What words do you associate with your company? For example, quirky, friendly and approachable, or professional, smart, suited and booted? Notice how just thinking about each set of words gives a whole different feel.

4. What do you want your logo to do for your business?

If you’re starting from scratch, do you want your logo to make you stand out among your competitors, or do you want something that reflects a safe pair of hands, that has experience over and above what your competitors can do?

How do you want people to feel on seeing your logo? Do you want something abstract or obvious? Sharp or soft?

If you already have an existing logo, but you’re rebranding or refreshing, then you’ll need to tell your designer if you’ve had any negative feedback on your current logo from clients or website visitors to help them understand what you want to move away from.

5. Choosing your designer

Choose someone with experience, who does their research on your business and your area of expertise. Look at how many different formats you’ll receive your design in. Will they hand over copyright to you at the end of the process?

Does the design company involve you in the design process and ensure you feel satisfied all along the way? Will they offer revisions, and how many? You don’t want to get stuck with a design you can’t stand because you couldn’t afford to have revisions done.

Thinking about all of the points and questions above should give you a good start in establishing what you want from your logo, and your designers.

Need a new logo or a revamp of your old one? ALG websites offer a logo design service with unlimited revisions, a 100% guaranteed refund if you change your mind and we will transfer all the copyright to you. View our Logo Design plans below and check out our portfolio to view our previous logo work.


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