Thinking of Redesigning Your Website? Here’s Why You Should

Designing your website to perfection is just as vital as having an online presence is to your business. In fact, it can be the first encounter with your company for many potential new customers, and rest assured they will, without doubt, judge your business based on the quality of its website.

Impressive web design, which involves careful planning, creation and frequent updating, is of paramount importance. New and fresh content set in a clear and stylish design will impress your site visitors. Looking good and top rate navigation is fundamental to your company’s good reputation, so you don’t want to get this wrong! If you’re thinking of redesigning your website, take these aspects into consideration:


Does the website navigate smoothly and logically through the pages? Can a potential customer easily find what they would be looking for, such as how to contact you, your services and rates, and examples or testimonials of your previous work? Good navigation means customers can travel throughout your entire website seamlessly, easily finding what they’re looking for thanks to well-placed links and menus. It’s also important to ensure your website scales according to the users’ device, with responsive design aiding smooth navigation.

The look

Manage the look of your brand by having consistency across your website and other online presence, such as social media. Branding is important to each company as it’s how the company is recognised to their customers. Any font styles specific to your company, logo design and colour schemes should cross over to the design of your website and sit naturally, without being too distracting or out of proportion.


A website is nothing without its content. It needs to be up to date and relevant to attract customers and visitors to the site. Too much text on a page is a no-no, so avoid this and opt for different pages with interesting and SEO-friendly content. Include images and videos, as these are increasingly popular with customers, and ensure you have a blog where you can publish fresh content regularly.

It’s clear that a well-designed, regularly updated and seamless website will mean more traffic and repeat visits, but it’s best to leave it to the professionals, rather than risk compromising your brand and putting off more customers than you attract.

So if you need to refresh your website to wow your clients, speak to us at ALG Websites. We are a small UK-based website design, development and website hosting company who can offer website and logo design services, plus much more. We can offer fresh, innovative ideas which are client focused and will ensure customers keep returning to your website.


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