Why Your Business Needs a Website in 2018

There are whole industries built up around driving traffic, marketing to customers and building brands that simply wouldn’t exist if having a website wasn’t an effective part of a company’s marketing strategy. Add in the growing trend for people to browse and buy on their smartphone*, and it’s clear that any business without a website is missing out.

So, what can a website built by ALG Websites do for you?

1. Establish and build your brand

It’s often been said that your website is your storefront on the internet, and that’s true. Your site should be branded to match your offline store if you have one, and the logo, colours and fonts that you use in your printed marketing materials.

A beautifully branded website can raise awareness about your company, attract the attention of your ideal customers, increase your reach, and make your business instantly recognisable.

2. Selling 24/7

Especially if you’re a one-man band, you really can’t be present every hour of every single day to deal with potential customers, but your website can.

Build a helpful FAQ, and write content that draws in your audience and creates the urge to buy, and you could find yourself making sales while you sleep.

3. Build your reputation

A smart and professional site that benefits from excellent web design can give the impression that you run a high-quality company before you’ve even spoken to your customers.

Add to that excellent customer service and engaging content that shows off your expertise, and you’ll build a reputation as a professional company that is great at what you do.

4. Grow an engaged community

If you consistently post brilliant, enticing and ultra-helpful content, you’ll grow a band of fans who can’t wait to talk about you and share you with their friends and family. More importantly, they won’t be able to wait to buy from you either.

Engaged fans may even be prepared to pay more to buy from you than from another company that they don’t have the same relationship with.

5. New income streams

Once your website is up and running, and you’ve started to build traffic to it, there is even the possibility of making money from your site, in addition to making money by selling your core products or services.

You could add quality affiliate links to your content, promote products from other businesses, or even run banner ads to bring in extra money.

Setting those things up doesn’t take massive effort once you already have your website, but as your site and your traffic grow, the income from those additional streams can begin to add up.

We offer website design and development services to suit all kinds of businesses. For a professionally built website to drive your business forward, get in touch with us today!


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